Single Window Agency

A Single Window Agency is a trade facilitator established in coordination with various relevant government departments, with an objective to increase the efficiency of the country’s economy through time and cost saving .Through this single window approach, its users can submit all the necessary data and documents at one time, in a standardized format, thereby helping in simplifying and streamlining the various formalities necessary to establish and operate any business or trade. As the entire procedure in this Single Window Agency endeavors to be time-bound and transparent, it becomes imperative for all the associated departments to operate in tandem with each other to provide swift end results. This ensures in the creation of a working environment conducive for the wholesome growth and sustainance of a competitive and thriving business culture.

Some of the benefits of the Single Window Agency are:

Lower administrative costs by reducing delays
Faster clearance and release times
Consistent application and explanation of regulatory requirement
More effective and efficient deployment of resources
Increased transparency and predictability of government processes.